Condo Unit Owner Insurance

Get the Right Coverage for Your Condo or Townhome

Condos differ from traditional homes in many ways. So, insuring a condo is very different from insuring a home. Condo owners are usually responsible for insuring just a certain portion of the property that they bought, however, the rules are different from complex to complex. It’s critical that you get your condo insured properly to avoid an uncovered claim.

The fees that you pay to your association may pay for insurance that covers the structure that you reside in, but most likely, it doesn’t cover your personal property and any improvements that you made to your condo. Condominium owners insurance covers appliances, fixtures, remodeling, personal property, interior walls, and much more.

We Know Condo Insurance… Inside & Out

Condo / Townhome insurance is one of the most misunderstood insurance products out there. Every association is different, so that makes your needs unique. This is not the time to let an amateur handle your insurance. Friendly Insurance has the expertise to help you get the proper coverage for your condo.